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Industry Tag 34mm

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 Industry Tag 34mm  Industry Tag 34mm
 Features  Applications
  • The 34mm Tag with multi read/write capability is very small in size and perform best when is attached to metal
  • It is made of PA6 to meet all endurance requirements in term of heat, harsh environment and chemical resistance.
  • Perform in the harshest environment, including harsh chemicals, painting processes & outdoor exposure.
  • Dust & waterproof.
  • Flexible Read/Write Range (reader dependent).
  • Specially tuned for metal application thus can be used in variety of applications having metallic environment.
  • Being used in industrial environments, as well as in asset tracking applications.
  • It has been widely used in supply chain, service industry, distribution logistics and manufacturing companies to identify goods & objects in an industrial environment.
  • Suitable for factory floor manufacturing applications because of rugged construction (IP Rating). 

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