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(Jewellery Tag (Global

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Jewellery Tag (Global)   Jewellery Tag Global
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  • The Jewelery Tag is frequency independent tag and has a smooth surface for convenient labeling of price, material, style or other information.
  • Very small and attractive in size & shape with multi read/write capability.
  • Dust & Waterproof.
  • Flexible Read/Write Range (reader dependent).
  • Insensitive to almost all non metallic materials.
  • The Jewelery Tag is specifically designed to protect high value jewelery and small expensive accessories.
  • Automatic tracking of Jewelery to market communities, secured storing and other areas.
  • It can read hundreds of pieces of jewelery attached with RFID tags in seconds.
  • Suitable for small form factor with longer read range capability is required including inside metal containers or computer equipment, etc.
  • It is more effective to make an inventory of the jewelery.

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