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Wall-Mount Housing

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ستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعالستاره غیر فعال

The wall boxes from R&M are ideal for different fields and environments and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. The two product ranges ECOline and Venus offer a variety of possibilities, e.g. for building entry points in FTTB or FTTH installations, industrial applications or for indoor and outdoor use.

Used in the well-proven industrial housings and in combination with SCM components, the BEP ECOline products for pure splice applications reach a protection class of up to IP65.

Thanks to its well thought-out modular principle, the Venus product family covers virtually all applications. A wide range of different sizes and sealing inserts complete the application diversity.







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