The policy, mission, and values of the Lavan Ertebat Company

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In 2000, in order to promote the culture of informatics, with the growth of modern technology, we specially have been active in consulting, designing, monitoring, supporting and implementation of computer networks, data centers and more generally, on ICT industry. Lavan Ertebat completed a variety of projects successfully, using various scientific, practical and modern management systems and employing expert and experienced personnel. We also work with technical knowledge, knowing standards and the usage of advanced equipment and devices on a large scale, to carry out computer network and data center projects in organizations, financial institutions, banks, industrial centers, etc. We are a member of the Tehran ICT Guild organization and We have a Certificate of Competency Ranking of Informatics Companies with grade 2 of Data Networks from the High Council of Informatics.
In order to boost the economy of the country and to satisfy our customers, by creating favorable conditions based on the order, creativity, capability and job security of the employees, we are always working to improve the qualitative and quantitative level of ICT industry and presence in global markets. To this end, manager has committed itself to complying with the laws, regulations and improvement of the quality management effectiveness, according to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, and in order to achieve this objective, the policy has been determined in these subsequent years.
In line with the country's high cultural and social goals and with the rapid advancement of technology and cyberspace, we are still at your side.

Achieving top position in the country's IT industry and improving the quality and enhancing creativity and innovation in the offering of all services.


Mission statement
Facilitating the communication in the field of IT in the context of computer networks was the first reason for Lavan Ertebat's establishment. This has been a concern for us for more than 15 years. Creating a platform for easy and high-speed communication in the IT space, anywhere in the country, has always been the focus of our thinking. Today, after many years of service in this regard, today we adhere to our promise and we are using the latest technologies of the day. Our existential philosophy is constantly being strengthened in the light of superior technologies, and with the accelerating world of technological change, we are also struggling to bring our technologies to our beloved country. In order to carry out our mission, we use all internal and external capacities, and we always strive to provide our customers with a superior quality, relying on experts in the field of network.



  • Customer services
  • The speed and quality of service providing 
  • Use of up-to-date technologies
  • Sustainability for customers
  • Functional Transparency
  • Integration of service providing
  • Use the best engineering solutions

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